List of all problems written in English in \textsc{Gezmat}
Warszawa, 2017-09-23
Authors' addresses can be found on the project page (links - header, footer) and in the file gezmat.cxx
Hints how to use \textsc{Gezmat} to create your own sets of problems and to add your own problems to Gezmat you may find as well on the project page. This file has been generated by issuing the command:\verb| ./gezmat.bash def/all_problems_en.gzm| in the Linux terminal  \\ \textbf{Important!} The file \verb|def/all_problems_en.gzm| is created after the call \begin{center} \verb| ./gezmat.bash def/en-prepare-all-problems-config.gzm| \end{center} Do not edit these files! You can rename \verb|def/all_problems_en.gzm| and then edit it as your configuration file.

en-dynamics-0006450     "Inclined plane (figure)"
en-kinematics-0000500-dpc     "Accelerating airplane"
en-numbers-0000100     "Number snake, addition, 0--10"
en-numbers-0000101     "Number snake, subtraction, 0--10"
en-numbers-0000105     "Number snake, addition 0--4, 0--20"
en-numbers-0000106     "Number snake, subtraction 0--4, 0--20"
en-numbers-0000120     "Number snake, addition of multiples of 10, 0--100"
en-numbers-0000121     "Number snake, subtraction of multiples of 10, 0--100"
en-numbers-0000125     "Number snake, addition 5--12, 0--45"
en-numbers-0000126     "Number snake, subtraction 5--12, 0--45"
en-numbers-0000140     "Number snake, addition 2--9, 0--100"
en-numbers-0000141     "Number snake, subtraction 2--9, 0--100"
en-numbers-0000150     "Number snake, addition 5--20, 0--100"
en-numbers-0000151     "Number snake, subtraction 5--20, 0--100"
en-numbers-0000200     "Number triangle, addition, 1--10"
en-numbers-0000201     "Number triangle, subtraction, 1--10"
en-numbers-0000205     "Number triangle, addition, 0--10"
en-numbers-0000206     "Number triangle, subtraction, 0--10"
en-numbers-0000210     "Number triangle, addition, 0--20"
en-numbers-0000211     "Number triangle, subtraction, 0--20"
en-numbers-0000220     "Number triangle, addition, 0--100"
en-numbers-0000221     "Number triangle, subtraction, 0--100"
en-numbers-0000300     "Addition in columns, 35"
en-numbers-0000305     "Addition in columns, 55"
en-numbers-0000310     "Addition in columns, 100"
en-numbers-0000315     "Addition in columns, 150"
en-numbers-0000320     "Addition in columns, 1500"
en-numbers-0000500     "Number of pages"
en-numbers-0001000     "Plums"
en-numbers-0002000     "Apples"
en-numbers-0003000     "Pebbles"
en-rectangles-0001000     "Sides of rectangles"
en-sets-0001000     "Sets of natural numbers"
en-sets-0003000     "Set operations"
en-speed-distance-time-0004000-dpc     "Cycling speed"